Phil Thompson
Phil ThompsonDirector | (808) 956-6574
Phil is an Assistant Professor in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) at the University of Hawaii. He also serves as the principal investigator for sea level and climate research projects funded by the DOI, NASA, and NSF.
Matthew Widlansky
Matthew WidlanskyAssociate Director | (808) 956-6161
Matthew researches climate and sea level variability on seasonal, interannual, and longer timescales. He uses global climate models of the ocean and atmosphere to assess the limits of predicting coastal impacts from sea level extremes.

Research and Data Analysis

Derek Young
Derek YoungIT & Database | (808) 956-7099
Fee Yung Porter
Fee Yung PorterData Analyst | (808) 956-7555
Feeyung processes and maintains Fast Delivery Data. She also provides support to UHSLC technicians when they are visiting tide gauges.
Brent Miyamoto
Brent MiyamotoData Analyst | (808) 956-9254
Brent analyzes raw satellite data and provides feedback to Nikolai, Jerard and Jason during their site visits.
Nemanja Komar
Nemanja KomarScientific Programmer | (808) 956-7555
Nemanja combines his skills as a programmer with his scientific background (Ph.D. in Geochemical Oceanography) to develop software and web applications that serve the data analysis and outreach goals of the UHSLC.
Xiaoyu Long
Xiaoyu LongPostdoctoral Fellow | (808) 956-8728
Xiaoyu uses ocean and atmosphere observations, as well as climate model simulations, to study and forecast seasonal sea level variability.

Instrumentation and Data Transmission

Nikolai Turetsky
Nikolai TuretskyTechnician | (808) 956-6670
Nikolai is the senior technician for the UHSLC. He is responsible for the design and operation of our worldwide network of sea level monitoring stations.
Jerard ''Ziggy'' Jardin
Jerard ''Ziggy'' JardinTechnician | (808) 956-6670
Jerard Jardin, aka Ziggy, has a BA in Mechanical Engineering and has worked for the UHSLC for over 18 years designing, installing, and testing tide stations. Installations require intergovernmental coordination and a multifaceted mix of structural and electrical fabrications, computer programming, and real world problem solving in an ever-changing environment.
Jason Klem
Jason KlemTechnician | (808) 956-6670


Mark Merrifield
Mark MerrifieldFormer Director | (858) 246-2716
Mark is a Professor and Director of the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (CCCIA) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Mark is a former director of the UHSLC and remains an important advisor.
Pat C. Caldwell
Pat C. CaldwellNOAA/NESDIS Regional Science Officer | (808) 956-4105
Pat is the manager of the Joint Archive for Sea Level (JASL) hosted by the UHSLC. He is also the NOAA/NESDIS/NODC/NCDDC Liaison for Hawaii and US-Flag Islands in the Pacific, manager of the Joint Archive for Shipboard ADCP, and a National Weather Service Surf Forecaster.
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